Beach Brides

Having your wedding on the beach? Here are a few things to keep in mind when looking for your dress to keep you as cool and comfortable as possible: material – look for dresses made out of lightweight, natural fibers that will breath. Linen, cotton and silk charmeuse are all great bets as well as […]

Real Wedding Blogged

A big thanks out to Brenda over at Best Wedding Sites for featuring one of our recent weddings on her site and her blog. This was a really lovely couple to work with – the bride was Costa Rican and the groom English. Although neither spoke the other's language when they first met, true love prevailed […]

Pretty Programs and Chair Decor

OK, so maybe surfing Martha Stewart is treading into decidedly non-Lazy Bride territory (does that woman ever sleep?) but I saw this and thought 'what a great (and pretty easy) idea'. One of those ideas that you hit your head with your hand going 'doh, why didn't I think of that??". Have words from your […]

Go With the Flow

Sorry for the delay in posting – not that I’ve been lazy (well, maybe a bit) but was away at a wedding (August 8,2008 was a VERY popular day for ceremonies worldwide). And what luck we had! Despite having a tropical storm blow through the day before (yikes!), Friday was sunny and hot! So hot […]

Annual Running of the Brides

And now for something completely different. How far would you go for a bargain? Lining up overnight, running like mad and trying on dresses in the middle of the store? If it meant designer gowns at deep discounts? If you answered ‘yes’ to the above, you may want to check out the famous Filene’s Basement […]

Matchy Matches – and Coasters and Napkins and…

The saying ‘little things are the big things’ speaks directly about weddings, I think. Even if you have a very small budget, you can create an expensive designer look by having coordinated items, such as cocktail napkins, coasters, stir sticks, place, cards, table numbers, even cupcake tags (who knew there was such a thing?). These […]

Lindsay & AJ’s Wedding

Just got the photos from Lindsay and AJ’s wedding at the Zephyr Palace in Villa Caletas last weekend – WOW (if I do say so myself). Lindsay was great to work with as she had a clear idea of what she wanted yet gave me lots of creative freedom. The result as a chic mix […]

Wedding Portrait Ideas

So, you’ve spent the equivalent of the GNP of Borneo on your dress, worked your *ss off getting buff and have religiously been having manicures/pedicures/facials/hair highlights so you look like a movie star. All for one day. A day where you likely will spill a few tears of joy (waterproof mascara- buy it now), be […]

Mimosa Shrimp Appetizers

I know shrimp isn’t the most politically correct seafood these days but gosh, who doesn’t love these little babies?! And shrimp on a stick is a perfect appetizer for a relaxed beachside rehearsal dinner or cocktail hour. This recipe is courtesy of The Hostess With The Mostess, a fabbo blog for party ideas (check it […]

How Much Booze Do I Need?

If you’re buying your own alcohol for your reception, figuring out how much to purchase can be confusing, confounding and downright scary (what if I buy too much? or not enough?). Fear not, gentle bride. Check out That’s the Spirit! for their nifty alcohol calculator. Simply plunk in the number of hours, rough percentage of […]