Kooky Cookies

Nowhere is it written ‘thou shall serve cake’ for your wedding. Decent wedding cakes are works of art and require days to make, which means they ain’t cheap. Wether you forego the cake for economic reasons or simply because it doesn’t appeal to you, it is nice to have something sweet to send guests off […]

Fuchsia & Orange Colour Palette

Here’s a colour board featuring the sunny, chic combo of fuchsia and orange, courtesy of Brenda from Best Weddings Site. I love this colour combo as it allows for so many possibilities – like the invitations below, it can be very depeche mode (no, not the band – it’s French for ‘fashion forward’). Highlight with […]

Prioritize the Pennies

OK, so talking about the budget is the least exciting, least sexy and most stressful part of the entire wedding planning experience. But like a trip to the dentist, ya gotta do it as avoiding it will only make the inevitable more painful. Over the years, I’ve seen couples blow their budget on various aspects […]

One-of-a-Kind Welcome Bags

It’s a bit of work, to be sure, but welcoming your out-of-towners with a thoughtful bag of goodies, waiting for them at their hotel, tells them ‘hey, thanks for coming and we’re really glad you made it!”. A few local items (such as salt water taffy if you’re in Atlantic City or macadamia nuts if […]

Walk This Way

Traditionally, the bride’s father walked her down the aisle and literally ‘gave her away’, transferring guardianship from himself to the groom. While women are no longer chattel (thank goodness!), the tradition of the father ‘giving the bride away’ serves as a show of support of the union from the family. But what if your familial […]

We’re Blogged!

It seems a bit dada-esque but we’re featured in Brenda’s blog, the owner of Best Wedding Sites. Judy and Erik’s wedding from March is featured, in all it’s red glory. I had an absolute blast working with Judy, who was a super cool bride and while not Lazy, she is an honorary Lazy Bride for […]

Let Them Eat Cake!

Today I thought I’d share some fabbo ideas for cakes, courtesy of The Cake Girls, a sister-team of creative bakers in the Chicago area. Cakes no longer need be the stodgy white buttercream affairs, topped with the requisite plastic bride and groom, of your parents’ era. No, today’s confectionaries can be whimsical, outrageous, elegant, fun […]

Welcome to my wedding – here’s your dinner bill…

We all know a wedding can seriously set back your bank account. And given the current economic climate being one of fear and loathing, everyone is looking for ways to trim the budget. Some ideas (such as serving lobster in canapes rather than as a main course) are stellar. Others, however, should never go beyond […]

Dear Lazy Susan

Dear Lazy Susan I’m as lazy a bride as you can get so imagine how relieved I was to find this company that will write all the thank you cards for you! All you do is send the list with the guests’ name, gifts and addresses and they do the rest. While I love getting […]

Carry On!

Thanks to the new airline rules regarding liquids, gels and carry-on luggage, traveling with your favourite products can be a worrisome proposition (will they or won’t they be confiscated?). Fear no more – the Clear Bag System is TSA approved. Not only will you arrive with your favourite shampoo intact but you’ll also travel in […]