• Welcome to my wedding – here’s your dinner bill…

    We all know a wedding can seriously set back your bank account. And given the current economic climate being one of fear and loathing, everyone is looking for ways to trim the budget. Some ideas (such as serving lobster in canapes rather than as a main course) are stellar. Others, however, should never go beyond […]

    Dear Lazy Susan

    Dear Lazy Susan I’m as lazy a bride as you can get so imagine how relieved I was to find this company that will write all the thank you cards for you! All you do is send the list with the guests’ name, gifts and addresses and they do the rest. While I love getting […]

    Carry On!

    Thanks to the new airline rules regarding liquids, gels and carry-on luggage, traveling with your favourite products can be a worrisome proposition (will they or won’t they be confiscated?). Fear no more – the Clear Bag System is TSA approved. Not only will you arrive with your favourite shampoo intact but you’ll also travel in […]

    Graffiti Your Wedding!

    Looking to personalize your wedding in a unique way? Graffiti it! Wonderful Graffiti is a company specializing in thin pieces of matte vinyl that look printed when applied to a smooth service. Decals with your monogram, wedding sayings, and decorative touches can be placed on dance floors, mirrors, floors, doors – anywhere! Afterwards, the decal […]

    Now You’re Cooking!

    Are you and your fiancé food fanatics? Why not consider making your own cookbook as a unique thank you gift? If you have the time (and the inkling), ask your guests to send you a favorite recipe and put together your own cookbook to have at the reception as a favor. Thanks to computers and […]

    Junk Mail Rehab

    Is your mailbox getting clogged with junk mail, now that every wedding retailer seemingly has your address? ProQuo is a free service that sets up a personalized dashboard for you so you can choose which publications, coupons, catalogues and circulars you receive (or don’t). How does it work? In ProQuo’s own words: “ProQuo acts on […]