What to Give, What to Give

Flummoxed by what to give your maids and men as thank you gifts? Think outside the box and honor their unique interests. For example, someone who fancies themselves a chef would undoubtedly love a gourmet cooking class and great cookbook while a would-be writer would swoon for a creative writing class, leatherbound journal and a […]

Now You’re Cooking!

Are you and your fiancé food fanatics? Why not consider making your own cookbook as a unique thank you gift? If you have the time (and the inkling), ask your guests to send you a favorite recipe and put together your own cookbook to have at the reception as a favor. Thanks to computers and […]

Junk Mail Rehab

Is your mailbox getting clogged with junk mail, now that every wedding retailer seemingly has your address? ProQuo is a free service that sets up a personalized dashboard for you so you can choose which publications, coupons, catalogues and circulars you receive (or don’t). How does it work? In ProQuo’s own words: “ProQuo acts on […]

Color Comboed Cocktails

Why not take your color scheme to the nth degree and serve cocktails in your wedding hues? Here are a few ideas: Blue – Something Blue, made with Hpnotiq liquor, white wine & ginger ale Red – Snappy Apple Martini – vodka, sour apple schnapps, apple juice Pink – Pink Halo – sparking wine with […]

There’s nothing that brings a rehearsal dinner or wedding reception to a screeching halt like speeches that go on for hours or home made video presentations that are the celluloid equivalent of War & Peace. How does one avoid the pain of open-mic night or seeing your Grade Six ballet recital replayed in it’s full, […]