• Choosing Your Wedding Location – House

    This was a house wedding that went all out, with a dance floor, lighting and fireworks.  Where you have your wedding will definitely have a major impact on your budget so be sure to choose carefully, taking all the additional costs (such as site fees, rental items, overtime charges) into account. We’ve already explored hosting […]

    Choosing Your Wedding Location – Hotel

    Photo from Four Seasons Hotels are one of the more popular spots to host a wedding reception and with good reason – they make it pretty easy for everyone involved. Guests can stay right there (especially important for out of town guests or if you’re having a destination wedding). Hotels are equipped to handle events […]

    Choosing Your Wedding Location – Restaurant

    Photo from Jump Restaurant Next up on our location list are restaurants, which can make for a super cool reception location. They are usually best suited for small – medium sized weddings. By choosing a spot that has great decor and atmosphere, you can save yourself a lot of money on flowers and other decorations. […]

    Choosing Your Wedding Location – Unique Venues

    Photo from Brenda’s Blog Thinking outside the box can potentially save you money on your wedding. If you’re open to it, consider holding your wedding in a location other than a church, synagogue, hotel or restaurant. Places like a vineyard, zoo, historic site, forest, country club, art gallery, museum or even a library have all […]

    The All-You-Need Wedding Day Timeline

    After all the months (or years) of planning, everything comes down to just one day. Scary but true. No matter how many hours of prep, sweat and tears you’ve put into finding the perfect first dance song or the topper to top all cake toppers, the entire operation on the day can fall apart without […]

    How Not to Be a Bridesmaidzilla

    Bridesmaidzillas??!! Yes, dear reader, they do exist so brace yourself. Thankfully, they are few but it’s a reality of weddings that no one really talks about. Suddenly, your best friend since kindergarten is not the loving, supportive attendant but a self-centred b* trying to upstage you, complaining that your choice of dress color is “cheap”. […]

    Cocktail Friday – French 75

    Happy Friday! If you’re looking for an elegant champagne-based cocktail to serve at your wedding, search no further as we have the oh so chic French 75 today. Even the name conjures up a swanky soiree along the Seines or perhaps a stroll along the Champs Elysees. Mais oui! Not only is it super stylish, […]

    Hire the Professional Photographer

    Photo by A Brit & A Blonde Have a shutterbug in the family or circle of friends? Although it’s tempting to ask them to shoot your wedding for you, consider that doing so will take them out of the realm of ‘guest’ into the grey area of being an unpaid vendor. While everyone else is […]

    Double-Check the Details

    I remember a small wedding where the amount of last minute running around was staggering. Truly, I felt like I’d run the Boston Marathon by the end of it. When I arrived, the bride was asking where her hair stylist was – the hair stylist she hadn’t ordered (thanks to a miracle, my stylist was […]