How Not to Be a Bridesmaidzilla

Bridesmaidzillas??!! Yes, dear reader, they do exist so brace yourself. Thankfully, they are few but it’s a reality of weddings that no one really talks about. Suddenly, your best friend since kindergarten is not the loving, supportive attendant but a self-centred b* trying to upstage you, complaining that your choice of dress color is “cheap”. […]

Cocktail Friday – French 75

Happy Friday! If you’re looking for an elegant champagne-based cocktail to serve at your wedding, search no further as we have the oh so chic French 75 today. Even the name conjures up a swanky soiree along the Seines or perhaps a stroll along the Champs Elysees. Mais oui! Not only is it super stylish, […]

Hire the Professional Photographer

Photo by A Brit & A Blonde Have a shutterbug in the family or circle of friends? Although it’s tempting to ask them to shoot your wedding for you, consider that doing so will take them out of the realm of ‘guest’ into the grey area of being an unpaid vendor. While everyone else is […]

Double-Check the Details

I remember a small wedding where the amount of last minute running around was staggering. Truly, I felt like I’d run the Boston Marathon by the end of it. When I arrived, the bride was asking where her hair stylist was – the hair stylist she hadn’t ordered (thanks to a miracle, my stylist was […]

The Hidden Costs of Hosting a Wedding at Home

At first glance, a house wedding would seem to be the most cost-effective option compared to a restaurant, resort or hotel. Dig a bit deeper, though, and the ledger starts to add up, particularly if you’re having a larger event. If it’s a rental house, there is likely an additional site fee to compensate for […]

15 Wedding Day Beauty Hacks

Hey Lazy Bride, are you ready for your close up? Your wedding day is all about you (really and truly) so prepare yourself to be the focus of a gazillion photos. In our ongoing endeavors to help brides stay lazy and happy, our team of intrepid researchers has compiled the following list of  15 beauty […]

7 Ceremony Rituals for A Wedding

Looking to bring some meaningful ritual into your wedding ceremony? Consider incorporating one of the following ideas… Handfasting – although it is associated with the ancient Celts, the tying of the couple’s hands together with a cloth to symbolize the joining of their lives, is an important part of the Orthodox wedding ceremony as well. […]

Real Weddings, Real Talk – Martini Mondays

Happy Monday, Lazy Brides! What better way to kick off the week than with some honest to goodness real talk about wedding planning. Like REAL talk. Nothing sugar coated or glossed over – instead, open dialogue that’s not afraid to look into the darker corners of the tulle trenches that all those swoon-worthy blogs would […]

Cocktail Friday – Hibiscus Punch

It’s a grey, rainy day so I thought I’d brighten the mood with this bright punch recipe. I mean, really, don’t you just want to dive right into that photo? It looks like an entire mariachi band is playing a rockabilly-version of La Bamba in a pitcher. You say ‘Party’, I yell ‘Fiesta’! Hibiscus flowers […]

Tips on Tipping Your Wedding Vendors

Whom to tip and how much seems to be one of the most confusing areas of wedding planning for couples. Without further adieu, here is the skinny on gratuities from the queen of etiquette, Peggy Post (Emily Post’s great-grand daughter-in-law). In short, professionals are only tipped for extraordinary service. Business owners (ie videographer, florist, photographer, […]