Pocket Planner Makes Planning a Breeze

If you’re planning a wedding at a private home, villa, barn, hall or anywhere that requires you to bring in your own food/beverage/staffing, trying to figure out how many pounds of ice or bottles of bubbly you’ll need can cause panic attacks. Before you hide under the bed with a gallon of Ben & Jerry’s, hoping all  the answers will magically appear, I give you the next best thing to a wedding planning genie – Pocket Planner which a free app that gives you exactly how many tables, bartenders and passed apps you’ll need, even the size of dance floor and minimum space for fire regulations. All brought to you by Social Tables and the Convention Industry Council (who know a thing or two about organizing shindigs and hootenannys).  Did I mention it’s free? Think of this as my early Festivus (for the rest of us!) gift to you.

Now, for the Feats of Strength…



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