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A big thanks out to Brenda over at Best Wedding Sites for featuring one of our recent weddings on her site and her blog. This was a really lovely couple to work with – the bride was Costa Rican and the groom English. Although neither spoke the other's language when they first met, true love prevailed and four years later, two families from other sides of the world and different religions came together. Magic.

The wedding was at the Marriott Los Suenos in Costa Rica, a first-class resort near the funky surfing beach town of Jaco. Lots of great little details at this wedding, such as the hand-painted personalized coffee bags by a Costa Rican artist. Coffee bag
We'd hung chains of rose petals from the chandeliers, had Siamese Fighting Fish in the vases of the table decorations (only one per vase though – no fights at this celebration!), lots of orchids and roses, mariachis and great food.


The ballroom at the hotel is big and fairly devoid of ambiance (like most hotel ballrooms) so we opted for large, tall centrepieces to try to minimize the space. Hanging chains of flowers from the lights also helped make the space feel more 'cozy'. But the biggest help of all was lighting. It's always amazing how a few lights can totally transform a space. I love love LOVE lighting and highly recommend it if your budget can afford it (in the USA, lighting designers start around $3000 and up). If you have a large space, it would cost a lot more to start bringing in flowers, potted plants, furniture, screens, fabric, etc. to 'fill' the room and create a look. Lighting can change throughout the course of the night (which decor cannot) thus creating a different ambiance. And a few lights can make a room look like there is a lot more decor going on than there is. Take a look at these photos – the one at the top right hand side shows the room with the regular hotel lighting. What a difference once the lighting designers have done their stuff!! Presto chango – it's a totally different space.

Ines lighitng L

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