Sweaty? Try Kama Sutra

Yes, I'm blogging about using Kama Sutra on your wedding day and it's not an adults-only blog. Really (but the title got ya thinkin', didn't it?).

Kama Sutra
Try this 'hot' tip for keeping your cool amidst the excitement of your big day while being swathed in layers of tulle. Dust a bit of Kama Sutra Honey Dust Powder all over your body before slipping into your wedding dress. Not only does it smell great (it contains real honey) but it really keeps you relatively sweat-free. The bride who passed along this tip married last Sunday at the beach here in Costa Rica and it was a scorcher! Amazingly, she looked cool as a cucumber, as did her maids. It really works!

And Kama Sutra is also a fun addition to rev up the romance on the honeymoon. Now that's one multi-tasking product ;) 

Right now, they're offering a special deal on-line…purchase one Tangerines & Cream Honey Dust and you'll received an additional can free. Enjoy…

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