Take a Break

Take a break


Planning a wedding is exciting, exasperating, exhilarating and exhausting. UN peace negotiations can seem like child's play in comparison to the fancy-dancing required with the in-laws over the invitation list. Some days, you just want to pull the covers over your head then run away and elope.


Fear not – this is completely normal. Yes, it's your day but you also have to take into account the tender feelings and egos of friends, family and significant others. It's a tough juggle and you're likely going to drop one or two balls during the act. Add in balancing the budget and aligning your 'vision' with the reality in the bank account and that drive-through wedding window in Vegas starts looking pretty promising.


Here's my suggestion – take a break. Make one day a week totally wedding free. No talk of veils or menu choices or receiving lines or anything to do with 'the big day'. Mark it on your calendar and let your family/friends know that there is to be no wedding talk that day. Make it date night with your honey and just be two crazy kids in love. 


A wedding is but one day in your life. I've seen brides get so wrapped up in the planning that they lose track of themselves. They are no longer 'Sue' or 'Betty' or Alexis' but 'The Bride' and their entire existence is 'The Wedding' (I'm sure you know 'A Bride' – everything is referenced to The Knot or the last issue of Brides). Here's the thing… once the confetti has been swept away, the flowers have wilted and the dress sent to the cleaners, there is a sense of loss that creeps over you, even to the least 'bridey' bride. Suddenly, you're not longer the centre of attention. Your moment in the sun has passed and now, you're a newlywed (still exciting but without the sheen of the gal clothed in white). You've made that rite of passage from maiden to married. And no matter how 21st Century we are, with our iPhones and Twitter and computers, there is something profound about this transition. The week or so after the wedding can be an incredibly unsettling time as you mourn (yes, I said mourn) this loss – the girl you were, the single life you had, being The Bride. You've just made a commitment to be with another human being for the rest of your life and that's big. It's completely normal to experience a mental, emotional and spiritual shift. 


So what's the secret to post-Bride happiness? Have fun. Let loose. Don't lose sight of the rest of your life – all those things are not wedding related. Enjoy being The Bride but enjoy being YOU more. Your friends, family, hubby and your sanity will thank you.



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