The Well-Dressed Groom – Pocketsquares


The pocket square is a timeless classic and an absolute essential for any groom. Often you’ll find that the best man and ushers will be wearing very similar attire to the groom and so will often all have matching pocket squares. Traditionally this has been chosen based on matching with the selected tie or the particularly colour theme of the wedding but because the groom and friends tend to rent their suits together from the same place they often end up with a very unoriginal flat colour that offers very little extra.


Rampley & Co specialise in bringing that extra little touch to an outfit on the very biggest of occasions. They offer stunning patterns and original designs including works of art from some of the finest art galleries in the world. Speaking to their co-founder Elliott Rampley, it would appear that their most popular service for a wedding is adding something truly bespoke. This could be taking an original image close to the groom’s heart to print onto a material of their choice (silk is often the chosen fabric) or even getting details such as the date of the wedding hand embroidered onto the corner of the square. As Elliott said, ‘it’s often all about providing something so special and unique that the wedding party wants to hold onto it for years to come as a momento of the occasion, plus we even find clients continuing to use them on a day to day basis.

When planning a wedding you want every detail to be perfect and so why wouldn’t the outfit of the groom and his companions get the same level of attention?

Head over to the Rampley & Co site to find out all about how to fold a pocket square when it comes to that special day!

* this has been a guest post by Rampley & Co. Thanks so much for contributing to The Lazy Bride! Selby's-Flycatcher-Bird-Audubon-Pocket-Square-Fold-1






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