Tips on Tipping Your Wedding Vendors

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Whom to tip and how much seems to be one of the most confusing areas of wedding planning for couples. Without further adieu, here is the skinny on gratuities from the queen of etiquette, Peggy Post (Emily Post’s great-grand daughter-in-law).

In short, professionals are only tipped for extraordinary service. Business owners (ie videographer, florist, photographer, planner) are not expected to be tipped. However, if you feel they have gone above and beyond for you, by all means feel free to give them one.

Often, the restaurant/hotel/caterer has a tip for the waitstaff/bartenders included in the bill already. Be sure to ask first. You may also request that the gratuity be included in the bill for the limousine driver and catering staff up front.

Be sure to include an area in your budget for tips as they can add up!!

The following vendors should be tipped:
limousine drivers
hair stylist
makeup artist
valet parking
coat check
powder room attendants
 Have your wedding coordinator/best man ensure that there are NO tip receptacles set out at the bar or coat check and let the facility know that you will be handling the gratuities, not your guests.
How Much?
A good idea is set aside an additional 15% as a tip budget, as this is the standard rate given as a gratuity.
Attendants (ie powder room, coat check, valet parking) are usually given a flat fee of $1 – $2 per guest.
To make your life easier, place the tips for each vendor in a small envelope and give to your best man (or wedding planner) to distribute as each vendor finishes their job. Best to do this the day before the wedding so it’s done and out of the way.

In short, a tip is a small token of your appreciation and if someone made your day special, let them know.


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