Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Lights…

Marriott terracw with lights
 design by Weddings Costa Rica, photo by Pennington Photography  

Sometimes, the simplest things can make the biggest impact I find. Take strings of those little white Christmas lights that are everywhere right now. Love them! Not only are they affordable but they can kick up the design factor to '11' when used strategically. 

For this wedding last week, I wanted to soften the space and play up the water feature running down the centre of the terrace at the JW Marriott in Costa Rica. Since it was Chanukah week, decorating with lights seemed appropriate, timely and a lovely way to honour the couple's Jewish heritage. When we strung hanging lights over the pool, the reflection on the water of the lights seemingly 'suspended' in mid-air amped up the etherealness of the look. Although not visible in this photo, we'd hung chains of orchid buds with crystals and glass lanterns from the strings of lights to create a bit more 'luxe' to the look. A canopy of lights and gauzy fabric over the dance floor created a focal point and feeling of 'dancing under the stars'. 

Simple lights used in an unexpected way = memorable decor. What "bright ideas" (sorry, couldn't resist) do you have for your wedding decor?

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  1. i totally agree with you about lighting making a big impact — i think its the single most important factor for setting the mood just right or achieving a certain ambiance!

  2. Thanks Dina – it makes a huge difference and the beauty of LED lighting now is that they can change the colour/ambiance throughout the night, just by adjusting the programming on a computer. I highly recommend lighting as it makes a big impact.
    And Bridal Registry – it’s your wedding so whatever you want to do! Incorporating those elements for a dance or two could be super fun! Thanks for sharing!

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