Walk This Way

Traditionally, the bride’s father walked her down the aisle and literally ‘gave her away’, transferring guardianship from himself to the groom. While women are no longer chattel (thank goodness!), the tradition of the father ‘giving the bride away’ serves as a show of support of the union from the family.

But what if your familial situation isn’t conducive to this (father has passed on, estranged relations) or if you prefer to break with tradition? The one thing to remember is that nothing obligates you to follow any tradition – this is YOUR wedding so do whatever you feel most comfortable. A few ideas for non-traditional aisle accompaniment:

• both parents (mother and father)
• mother
• grandfather
• brother
• maid of honor
• family friend
• your children (if you have any)
• walk down alone
• walk down with your groom

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