Wedding Day Beauty Blunders

Murphy's Law states that 'whatever can go wrong, will' and your wedding day hair and makeup is no exception. Nerves, stress, lack of time all can wreak havoc on the blushing bride. Here are a few common hiccups to avoid:

Raccoon eyes – weddings are wont to bring on the waterworks so be sure to wear waterproof mascara

Pimples – forego the heavy concealer and instead, dab some redness reducing eyedrops onto a Q-tip and dab it on the pimple. Afterwards, smooth a bit of concealer and set with powder

Bobby pins- if you're a blond, don't use dark bobby pins. There's a reason why they come in different colors

Overdoing the makeup – keep a light hand as otherwise, you'll look like a Vegas showgirl in the photos

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