Wedding Day Survival Kit


Whether you were a Scout or not, always be prepared for anything and everything is a good motto, especially on your wedding day. For the Lazy Bride, this super-deluxe Wedding Day Survival Kit has everything you need to tackle whatever may come your way on your day. Everything from super glue and earring backings to stain remover and pain relievers are included in this snazzy attache case (which even has a mirror inside the lid). Think 'Maxwell Smart Meets Martha Stewart'. Priced around $50 (although Package Perfect has it on sale for $39.99). Cute, chic and all you need to dodge disaster.


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  1. That’s pretty funny! But does the kit have any first-aid for bad husbands? I just divorced my now ex-husband and sold the engagement ring he gave me on I wish I had a kit to save the marriage but alas, nobody’s perfect. Does the kit have a compass to find Mr. Right? hehe.

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