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You’ve decided on location and date but need Save the Dates and wedding invitations to let everyone know the good news. Where to turn? Check out William Arthur, purveyors of fine stationery for over 60 years. They offer a wide range of items, from Vera Wang’s elegant paper designs (yes, that’s THE Vera Wang of wedding dress fame) to fun DIY products you can print using your home computer. They even have wedding website templates that match their different invitation designs – talk about bringing all the details together effortlessly!


Vera Wang Invitations - Full Banner

 Place your order and within 5 days, your printed stationery will be shipped to your door. How amazingly quick is that? Even the laziest, most last-minute bride can look like she spent oodles of time fussing over her paper products.


This invitation is from the William Arthur collection – so elegant!


The Printing

William Arthur stationery products are designed, manufactured and printed in West Kennebunk, Maine. From rich, full-color printing and fine embossing to the impeccable imprinting of each personalized order, they pride themselves in carefully handling and inspecting each order individually through numerous quality checks. They are also proud to be premier practitioners of the fine art of engraving, a tradition steeped in craftsmanship and history. 




Another William Arthur collection piece, part of their bamboo collection – yes, that’s bamboo paper!


The Paper

William Arthur’s exclusive paper is produced domestically, custom-made to their specifications using a special blend of premium quality hardwood and softwood fibers. They also import exquisite papers from around the world, assuring that William Arthur customers are delighted by fine stationery products that consistently meet or exceed their expectations.

Their envelope, cover and Bristol weight papers are 100% wood pulp, and text stationery is 75% wood pulp, 25% cotton. The exceptionally smooth finish achieved with predominantly wood pulp is considered by fine pen experts to be the ideal surface on which to write, and professional calligraphers agree: many write to tell William Arthur how much they prefer their paper to other writing papers.

William Arthur papers are produced under the most stringent environmental standards while their paper suppliers practice conscientious forest management to ensure sound harvesting of this 100% renewable resource.

Vera Wang – elegant as always…

William Arthur offers a full range of printing options. Not sure what the difference between engraving or letterpress is? Fear not, dear Lazy Bride, read on…

Blind Embossing:  It is used to create a raised design by pressing the image into paper. It is called “blind” because the design or type is formed without ink or foil.

Digital Printing: This flat printing method is achieved by laying down a screen of colored dots (known as CMYK, for the four colors from which all colors are composed: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black). Digital Printing is a less expensive option for multiple-color printing and for images that are shaded or screened.

Engraving: Type or images are etched into a copper plate; the plate is inked and wiped clean, leaving ink in the impressions. Each piece of paper is hand-fed into a press where the paper is forced against the plate, resulting in a raised, inked impression. The faint indentation on the back of the paper is a sign of fine engraving. The plate or plates are provided with the order and can be reused.
Flat Printing: Technically known as Offset / Lithography, flat printing is recognized by clean edges and a smooth print. Flat printing is recommended for images that are shaded or screened.
Letterpress: A centuries-old technique in which raised words and images are inked and pressed directly into paper, leaving a crisp debossed impression that is enhanced by the tactile qualities of the paper on which it is printed.

Thermography: Thermography was created to imitate the look of engraved printing at a more economical price. Sometimes called raised printing, thermography is achieved when a powdered resin is applied to wet ink and heated to create a raised surface.

More Vera Wang – white on white, so refined!

Check out William Arthur for a full range of invitation options, from beachfun to elegant ecru, there is really something for every wedding budget and style.

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