Welcome to my wedding – here’s your dinner bill…

We all know a wedding can seriously set back your bank account. And given the current economic climate being one of fear and loathing, everyone is looking for ways to trim the budget. Some ideas (such as serving lobster in canapes rather than as a main course) are stellar. Others, however, should never go beyond a mental musing. No matter how tight your budget, the following are not acceptable options:

Cash Bar -where you make your guests pay for their drinks

Cash dinner – where you make your guests pay for the dinner

Cash bar & dinner – where you make your guests pay for drinks and dinner as well as shelling out for a wedding gift (say…while you’re at it, why not pass around a collection basket during the ceremony to get some cash to pay for your dress?)

I think you see why the ‘come to my wedding and bring small bills’ slope is a slippery one. You wouldn’t ask people you invite to your home for dinner to pay for their wine or roast chicken. Think of your wedding as a dinner party you’re hosting but on a much larger scale. If you can’t afford a 100 person reception with dinner, get creative. Invite less people, have a breakfast or luncheon instead or have a destination wedding (where your dollar can go further and fewer people will attend). But please, don’t ask guests to pay for their food or drink. They are , afterall, YOUR guests and should be treated as such.

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