• Cocktail Friday – Arnold Palmer

    I was researching fun, non-alcoholic cocktails for this weekend’s wedding and found this one, named after the golf great, Arnold Palmer. Easy, deeeelish and it’ll keep you shooting straight. If you want to spike it, throw in a shot of vodka. ¬†Either way, it’s a major ‘yum’! Arnold Palmer 1 part iced tea 1 part […]

    Creative Wedding Party Gifts

    Flummoxed by what to give your maids and men as thank you gifts? Think outside the box and honor their unique interests. Creative wedding party gifts show your crew that you really appreciate all the help and support they’re giving you throughout the wedding planning process (and agreeing to wear whatever outfit you’ve chosen for […]

    Pink Rose Gin Martini

    How elegant is this pink rose gin martini? It’s like Coco Chanel sitting at Tiffany’s, all wrapped up in one little martini glass. The lychee juice is the unexpected flavour to savour here, giving sippers a reason to pause as they try to decipher what just sent their tastebuds to Yumsville. Best of all, it’s […]

    Social Media and Your Wedding

    If you’re like most couples, you’re plugged in and using social media to help plan your wedding. Looking for some fun ideas to up the social media at your wedding? Check out this cute and useful infograph! An infographic by the team at Loyes Diamonds