5 Free Sanity Saving Wedding Planning Tools

5 sanity saving wedding planning tools

Wedding planning. It’s like trying to roll a massive boulder up Mount Everest but not nearly as fun. Or at least that’s how it can seem most days. So many tasks, so much money, so many ideas, so many guests – how on earth is a Lazy Bride expected to keep track of it all without losing her lovely mind? If only there were some kind of tools or apps to help keep everything organized…

Why, funny you should ask as there are a number of tools to turbo-charge your wedding planning and turn you into a Ninja-Bride, slaying wedding tasks without breaking a sweat. And did I mention these are all FREE?!! Yup.  A wedding planning app, budget app, tool to create a virtual wedding binder, seating/timeline site and the Mother of All decor inspiration apps – these five tools will get you organized, have all your info at your fingertips and will save you time as well as money.

Ready to say goodbye to the planning overwhelm and hello to being an Uber Organized Bride, making Swiss watches green with envy over how efficient you are? Alrighty then, just click on the link below and the 5 Sanity Saving Planning Tools will be hitting your inbox faster than hungry guests can inhale a platter of shrimp canapes at cocktail hour.

5 Sanity Saving Planning Tools Are Just 3 Seconds Away

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Spare 3 seconds to fill out this form then fasten your seat belt and fire up the cocktail shaker, as your wedding planning is about to hit Mach 2! Our list of 5 FREE wedding planning tools is about to turn you from a time-starved crazy bride to a Lazy Bride, chillin' in bubble baths while sippin' on Cosmos!

Serenity now!

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