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After all the months (or years) of planning, everything comes down to just one day. Scary but true. No matter how many hours of prep, sweat and tears you’ve put into finding the perfect first dance song or the topper to top all cake toppers, the entire operation on the day can fall apart without a plan. Having a timeline outlining who is doing what at which time will ensure things run smooth as silk. Does it take a bit of work? Yes. But that hour or so of time you put in will save time and countless stress on the wedding.

A good timeline will have the order of events for the wedding day, as well as the rehearsal day, laid out chronologically. A great timeline will have all the venue and vendor contact names and numbers included. An excellent timeline will have exactly what each vendor is responsible for for each part of the wedding day (and for those of you who are OCD like myself, each vendor is color-coded for at-a-glance ease).

Since we here at The Lazy Bride are all about making your lives as easy and lazy as possible, we present the Lazy Bride’s Wedding Day Timeline for you, complete with a template for all your vendor info, their responsibilities for ceremony/cocktails/reception and a timeline outline. This is the exact same timeline I use for my own clients and it’s been called the most comprehensive timeline vendors have seen in my market. Fun fact – I worked in film production before I transitioned into wedding planning. In film/tv, time really is money and the success of each shooting day largely hinges on a well-crafted daily call sheet. My timeline is based on the templates used for call sheets, since I figured if it works for Game of Thrones or Star Wars, the same concept should have your wedding covered.

All you need to do is download the document, update with your own information, include the orders for flowers/rentals/etc. and change the timing to fit your particular wedding. Copy and paste into the body of an email then send to all your vendors, venues, bridal party and family, cc’ing yourself so you have it at a glance on your phone. Don’t forget to print off a few copies to have on hand for the day.

Get your free timeline by filling out the form below and set your wedding day to run like a Swiss watch.


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