The Importance of Chairs

Lights with plastic chairs

I ran across this photo today. The setting with the lights is absolutely gorgeous! The lights, the garland-type chandeliers, the woodland setting…beautiful!

But what do we see a ton of? Those icky plastic chairs. Ugh! They take away from the overall magic of this forest wonderland. The basic white linens are workable but those chairs…

And here lies my point. When you walk into a reception space, the first thing you see en masse are chairs. There are more chairs than tables or floral arrangements. And no matter how lovely the decor or lighting or tablecloths – the first thing you notice are the plastic chairs.

Plasti chairs 2

Plastic folding chairs

Here’s my two cents – I’d forgo the chair ties and rent the nicer chairs. Even cut back a bit on the florals but rent the nicer chairs as they will give your space more impact. Case in point – these receptions didn’t have better linens than the others or much in florals or fancy lighting but the chairs make it look very modern and put together:

Plastic chairs

Ghost chairs

So here’s my tip – spend a bit more on the chairs, forego the sashes or chair ties or spending more on lighting, and the visual impact will pay off in spades.


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