Cocktail Friday – Blood Martini

May Day poster

Happy Friday and Happy May Day! Those of us living in proletariat countries have the day off so the worker can be exhalted with parades and long-winded speeches. Red is usually the colour of the day and in honour of the spirit of the holiday, I offer you a Blood Martini, complete with beet juice and vodka. Yes, Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin are smiling somewhere (well, not sure if they ever did smile but this drink would surely lighten even their mood).

It's not really a lazy drink but certainly is an unusual tasting and colouful one at that. Perfect for a May Day bash and it would be equally at home as the featured drink at a Goth-inspired wedding.

Blood Martini
Fresh limes
2 oz freshly squeezed beet juice
2 oz orange juice 
1 oz vodka
Triple Sec to taste
Cut a lime open and run along the ridge of a martini glass. Squeeze juice into a shaker. Add vodka, beet and orange juices. Depending on the sweetness of the beet juice, add a dash of Triple Sec to taste ( if the beets are sweet, you likely won't need the Triple Sec). Shake with ice and strain into glass. Garnish with lime wheel.

На здоpовье!

Recipe by Mixologist Stacey Leeds, courtesy of New York Magazine

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