Double-Check the Details

I remember a small wedding where the amount of last minute running around was staggering. Truly, I felt like I’d run the Boston Marathon by the end of it. When I arrived, the bride was asking where her hair stylist was – the hair stylist she hadn’t ordered (thanks to a miracle, my stylist was available and able to accommodate last minute). The groom announced that they’d forgotten to include themselves in the final count (result – frantic call to caterer to up the dinner by two and finding two more chairs and covers from the rental shop). And then, at 9 PM, a request to scare up 17 shot glasses (did I mention we were at a house in the middle of the rainforest with no shops open?).

Being a lazy bride doesn’t mean being sloppy and forgetting about the details. That whole ‘stitch in time saves nine’ is the motto of the lazy bride – do something well once so you’re not having to deal with a bigger issue later.

It’s the small things that can grow, like mold in a forgotten Tupperware of leftover spaghetti, into a mountain o’ trouble. Take time to double-check things – and that means everything from the number of attendees (that includes you and your lovely hubby-to-be) to appointments to timelines to contracts.

In the end, those few minutes of double-checking will help keep the Big Day flowing just like the Dom P. should be.

BONUS – to make your planning even easier and lazier, we’ve created a Details Double-Check List so nothing will be overlooked in your vendor orders, avoiding the old  “I need another boutonniere because I forgot about Grandpa” shuffle. Our checklist lays out what you need for hair, make up, bouquets, boutonnieres, all your wedding day paper products as well as all the rentals so you can make sure you’re not forgetting anything. Best of all, it’s FREE!


Get Lazy (Bride, that is)

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Download our FREE Details Double-Check List and relax, knowing every detail is taken care of!

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