130 Ways to Slay Wedding Overwhelm

Wedding planning – up there with root canals and Nickelback concerts on the “Things No One Enjoys” chart. Everyone thinks you should be having a fabbo time as a blushing bride planning the best.day.of.her. LIFE! All those dresses to say yes to! All those flowers and cakes and linens and photographers…and contracts and meal choices and RSVPs nobody bothers to RSVP to.

Everyone keeps asking “how’s the wedding planning coming” and as much as you want to be honest, you can’t really speak your mind. Because you don’t want to disappoint. Because everyone has the expectation that you should be kicking up your heels, frollicking away like some movie montage with Walking on Sunshine cheerily bouncing along in the background (and now you have that song stuck in your head – sorry).

Which makes you feel even more miserable and stressed out because really, deep down, you’re silently freaking out about what the heck you need to do. You’re hyperventilating with the realization you really have no clue what you’re doing. You’re lying awake at night, heart racing, tallying up how much money you’re bleeding out for this shindig. The sheer amount of information on blogs,  forums and magazines swallows you like a tsunami. And let’s not get into how everyone who has ever walked by a wedding has some opinion about how you should be doing X, Y and Z.

The reality is, at some point, every bride is our friend Phoebe, drowning in a sea of tulle, yelling What do I dooooo??!!

Step back, take a deep breath and relax. You’re going to be fine. Really. Help is at hand.

Imagine having tips and tricks for every part of the planning process easily accessed in one place. Think about how much time you’d save by not Googling for a budget-friendly option to Champagne that will still impress your wine snob MIL. Picture how much money you’d save booking your honeymoon flights with insider tricks. Visualize how much stress you’d save if you had a simple (and affordable) dress solution for your bridesmaids.

Dream no more as we have all this and more, so much more, in The Lazy Bride’s Dirty 130. Before visions of 50 Shades of Grey start dancing in your head (you saucy vixen), we’re talking a resource guide chock-full of 130+ quick ‘n dirty wedding tips and tricks. You know how we roll here at the Lazy Bride – no fluff, no filler, just killer info to help you nail your wedding planning. For 15 years, I’ve been planning weddings and everything I’ve learned first-hand is in this guide – how to make your wedding planning easier, how to save money in unexpected ways, how to shave about 50 hours off of the planning. How to get your life back from Weddingmania.

And here’s the super cool thing – nothing like this exists on the market. Why? Well, here’s the wedding industry’s dirty little secret – all those websites and blogs with sooooo much wedding info? They want you to spend as much time as possible on their sites. Really.  Because the more time per viewer per page, the higher they can charge for ad revenue. Having the information in easily-accessed form defeats their business model. This is why you feel like you’ve gone down the proverbial rabbit hole every time you stumble on a “swoon-worthy” wedding blog, emerging an hour later with more questions than you entered with.

The Lazy Bride is the outlier. We don’t sell ads so we don’t care how much time is spent eyeballing our content. We purposely keep our posts short, sweet and to the point because we know you’re busy. You want useful information that’s easy to find and then use. This same philosophy is what’s behind The Lazy Bride’s Dirty 130. Tips and tricks I’ve learned from the 600 brides I’ve worked with during my planning career. Tips like using a certain product from the “adult store” can keep you dry in your wedding dress (thanks again, bride Jessica!), where to custom-design your wedding ring for a fraction of the price in the stores (Tip #16) or what lipstick color to avoid on your wedding day (Tip #126). From the budget to how to write Thank You cards, every step of the planning process is here with money and time saving ideas.

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All this budget and sanity saving advice for only price of a couple of margaritas. Over 130 tips (146 to be exact) for 18 cents a tip. Tips that can save you thousands of dollars. It’s like your birthday and (*insert winter holiday of your choice here) all rolled into one!

**NB –  The Lazy Bride Dirty 130 is not for you if you have this whole wedding planning thing down cold. If you’ve aced the wedding budget and are a DIY Boss like Martha Stewart, weaving the silk for your wedding dress while tending to your garden of hydrangeas that will bloom just in time for your bouquet, you don’t need this resource guide (or any wedding blog, really). If, however, you’re a human bride, drowning in information overload, you will undoubtedly find the guide a lifesaver.


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