Groom’s Cake with Bite!

Bulldog wedding cake

Those of you from the South will be more than familiar with the Groom's Cake, that lovely tradition where the man of the hour is honoured with a confection (usually chocolate) reflecting his favourite past time, hobby, sports team, what have you. Some folks will serve the groom's cake at the rehearsal dinner whilst others will have it alongside the wedding cake.

A wedding I planned a couple of weeks ago had this fun cake as the bride's surprise to her new hubby. The couple are alumnists of the University of Georgia (as were most of the family and friends at the wedding) so the tribute to the Bulldogs' mascot was met with rousing applause and an ear-to-ear grin from the groom. That's one fine looking Uga, for sure!

What fun ideas do you have planned for your groom's cake?

Photo by Comfort Studio, Cake by Sweet Constructions, Coordination Weddings Costa Rica

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  1. I was pretty floored when she brought it out (BTW that cake was flown in on a little puddle jumper plane and driven down some bad dirt/potholed roads to get to the wedding). Thanks for stopping by!

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