Instant Recall

I'm so overjoyed by this discovery, I'm hopping like a mad March Hare (that's a good thing). Lazy Brides – this one's for us! Say goodbye to your Post It's and say hello to reQall, a wonderful new application that helps you remember all the things you need. 

How it works is simplicity itself. Say you're driving and suddenly remember that you were supposed to send back the invitation proof to the printers. No worries – simply hit your speed dial, tell reQall what you need and it will send a note to your email, calendar, IM, RSS feeder – whatever you choose to help keep you on top of your life. And you can have notes sent to your groom, bridal party or friends to help keep them on task as well. 

Best of all it's FREE!!! How fantastic is that? Your shopping lists, reminders, to-do lists can all be streamlined into one application. They even have photo memory joggers for those of us with (slightly out of focus) photographic memories. It even organizes your notes for you – say you call in with "need to buy more stamps" and on it goes to your shopping list. "Meet with florist on Friday" shows up on your calendar. Love it!

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