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Lazybride411 You're busy and lazy – I get that. It's a lot to juggle being a modern gal and a bride. Wouldn't it be nice to ask your most pressing wedding question and have the answer magically appear in your in-box? No slogging through endless Message Board chatter or countless emoticon-cluttered chat rooms. Just the info you need, now. 

Welcome to Lazy Bride 411, the answer to your wedding planning dreams. You've got questions, other brides and wedding pros have the answers. An extension of this blog, the idea grew out of the angst I've heard from brides who are frustrated by not being able to find the info they want quickly and efficiently. I felt there had to be a way to make a bride's life a little easier and hence, Lazy Bride 411 was born.

How does it work? Simplicity itself. Sign up and sit back. Once a day, you'll receive a list of queries from other brides or even wedding media. If you can answer any, email the inquirer directly. Otherwise, hit delete and go about your day.

Have a question? Send in a request and then wait for the answers. It's one big wedding community helping each other through the wedding planning maze.

So wether you're a bride in Missouri wondering about a great honeymoon spot in St. Lucia or a wedding magazine writer looking for a 'Lord of the Rings' themed wedding couple or a recent bride with 300 slightly-used votive candles for sale, Lazy Bride 411 is here to help. 

Sign up today and join in the info-sharing fun! And please help spread the word!

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