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    1. I’m a senior in college now and my finace graduated last May and has a full time job 9 hours away. We’re getting married in June and the weight of paying for the wedding is entirely on our shoulders. But while I think every girl at one time or another dreams of an extravagant affair, I think girls today are becoming a lot more practical but still getting what they want.
      Looking at my fiance’s budget, we figured out that we could save about $7000 by June for the wedding and honeymoon without pinching too many pennies. But the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to spend that money elsewhere (hello student loan debt) and so we agreed that our ultimate goal for the wedding would be spending $3K with a max of $3.5K followed by a modest but fun honeymoon. We obviously can’t afford to shell out fillet minion for every guest but our families and church communities are pulling our talents together to give us a wedding that I know will be fabulous.
      All that being said, my fiance and I agreed early on that we didn’t want to throw tons of money at a wedding that would be over before we knew it.

    2. Thanks for your comments. It sounds like you will have a very lovely and heartfelt wedding that won’t have you struggling financially with the first few years of your marriage. It’s easy to lose sight of what really matters sometimes, with all the pretty things available for weddings. But you seem to have a great plan. Good luck with everything!!

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