Lazy ‘n Frugal Guide – The Dress

Ah, the wedding dress. What woman didn't spend time as a child playing bride, wearing her mother's nighties as a dress and a slip on her head for a veil. Or making outfits out of Kleenex for Barbie to wear on her 'big day' with Ken (or was that just in my family?).

Julius Bridal gown

For many brides, the dress is something they've dreamt about, sketched about and spent hours tearing out ads from wedding magazines. When it comes time to actually buy the dress, they have a pretty good idea of what they want. And although they may walk into the bridal shop with a firm budget in mind, they often walk out with a dress costing two or three times that amount. How does this happen? Do the shops pipe in some kind of drug through the air vents? Have the designers put a spell on the frock, causing whomever dons it to be instantly smitten? 

It is a phenomenon called vestio appareo, in which brides are gripped by a mania, thrown into a frenzy which can only be quelled by purchasing the dress of their affections (and affliction). All logic and budgets are tossed out the window.  Devil, thy name is Vera Wang! 

So what is a frugal yet stylish and lazy bride to do?

There are a number of options to find the dress of your dreams without blowing the budget so you end up serving Sam's Club sandwiches as your reception meal. 

Discount Dress Sites – Various websites offer new dresses for a fraction of the usual retail price. One that gets very positive reviews from clients is Julius Bridal. This internet company, based in New York, has ready-made dresses ranging from $200 and upwards (the dress in the photo here is listed at $599).Julius Bridal dress
You can also have them custom-make a dress. Supply your measurements, send in photos of what you'd like with any modifications and in a couple of months time, they'll send it to you. Clients have been quite pleased with the results so it seems like a good option. Obviously, for that price, one shouldn't expect haute couture but if you're realistic with what your budget will get you, Julius Bridal could give you great bang for your buck. One word of advice from past clients – order with plenty of time in case you need to have them change anything.

Another on-line company that sells remarkably cheap dresses is Kannaca. However, this Chinese company makes replicas of designer dresses – think of it as the equivalent of the knock-off Louis Vuitton handbag of the wedding world. Photos on their site are taken right from the (apparently unknowing) designers'  sites and catwalk. I'm all for brides getting the best deal they can but ethically, I have a problem with a company like Kannaca who so blatantly rip off designers' work.

Tune in tomorrow for more options on finding the dress of your dreams without breaking the bank.

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