Lazy ‘n Green – Bamboo Straws

I had the pleasure of staying at the gorgeous and eco-friendly beach resort Arenas del Mar this past weekend (which is an amazing spot for a wedding or honeymoon) and I was struck by the funky bamboo straws they used. Now, it may seem like a little thing but think about how many plastic straws are used and tossed into landfills daily? McDonald's alone serves 52 million meals PER DAY, most with a drinking straw.  Not only do plastic straws require non-renewable resources in their manufacture but they leak toxins and cause environmental damage, often ending up in the oceans.

Bamboo drinking straw photo

Think for a second about how many straws will be used at your wedding reception. Hmmm, not good. So what is a green bride to do? Check out these bamboo straws from Home Wet Bar, which are reusable, biodegradable and only $7.50 per dozen. They are super funky and are sure to be the talk of the reception! Why not consider using them as part of your cocktail hour/seating cards, with a table lined up with drinks in your wedding color, the straw threaded through a small card with each guests' name and seating assignment on it? Guests can then take them home as a favor and use them at home. Unique, practical and Mother Earth-friendly – love it!

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