Lazy ‘n Green – Carbon Offsets

Starting a new weekly addition to Lazy Bride – the Lazy 'n Green Guide which will be our focus every Wednesday. Being an eco-friendly bride and lazy is totally do-able and we're here to show you how!

We've all heard about the impact our lives have on the environment, especially the generating of carbon dioxide, which contributes to global warming. However, you can 'counter balance' your CO2 emissions by helping reduce carbon-based pollution in various ways. This is the concept behind carbon offsets. 

Wind turbine
There are various companies now that are dedicated to helping you offset your carbon footprint via renewable energy projects, thus displacing electricity from fossil fuels and reducing other greenhouse gasses. One of the leaders is Native Energy, which works with Native Americans, Alaska Natives, rural families and farm families to build sustainable projects which help their communities and help the environment. It's a big 'win-win' for everyone, including Mother Earth! They have an event calculator which will measure how much offsets you need to make your wedding carbon neutral. 

A great idea is instead of purchasing a little momento that would likely end up in a drawer or a landfill, purchase carbon offsets as a thank you gift for your guests. Place a little card (preferably on recycled paper) at each table setting letting them know you've done this in their honor. It's a small and affordable way to make your special day a good one for the environment.

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