Lazy ‘n Green – Don’t Go Buggy

Summer wedding season is shortly upon us and many brides are anticipating gorgeous outdoor ceremonies and receptions. Beautiful. But what about unwanted guests crashing the party? I'm talking about biting bugs – mosquitos, gnats, sandfleas which are all part and parcel of the great outdoors.

Before you stock cans of Off or other DEET containing products, consider using an alternative. What's the big deal about DEET? Well, diethyl-meta-tolumide (its full chemical name) not only melts plastic but is known to cause a variety of skin irritations as well as toxic encephalopathy (brain degeneration) in small children. Yikes!!

Another common ingredient used in commercial insect repellents is Malathion, which is chemically linked to nerve gas. Yes, you read that right, nerve gas. Makes you think twice, doesn't it?

Consider using these healthier alternatives which will keep you and your guests bite-free…

Mosi-Guard is a natural spray with Citriodiol, made from a naturally occurring extract of lemon eucalyptus, which comes from a renewable tree resource. Studies have shown it to be as effective as products containing DEET.California Baby Bug Repellent

California Baby makes a spray with citronella, lemongrass and cedar that is safe enough for babies. And it smells delish!

Bite blocker Bite Blocker comes in handy wipes as well as a spray. Studies have also proven it to be as effective as DEET products but this formula is safely made with soybeans, oils of soybeans and geraniums and other plant extracts.

Other ideas for a bug-free fiesta include pots of marigolds around the perimeter of your party, as they are a natural insect repellent. Citonella candles are also another popular repellent and are right at home at an outdoor party.

A smart idea is to treat your outdoor area in the days leading up to the grand event with a product like St. Gabriel Laboratories' Mosquito Repellent. One jug can spray up to 5,000 square feet, repelling mosquitoes, gnats, fleas and ticks for up to four weeks! Made out of natural oils, including garlic juice and black pepper, the odor fades within minutes. Safe and effective.

Happy planning to all and may your big day have clear skies and no bugs!

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  1. I was gonna buy me another can of DEET, but after I’ve read your post – I opt not to instead… Great alternatives by the way, I’ll and scour for this, the next time I buy my simple vanities in life. 🙂

  2. It’s scary when you start doing a bit of research! And these other products are just as good but won’t harm you or the environment. Hopefully you should be able to find these healthier products without much trouble. Thanks for stopping by!

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