Lazy ‘n Green Guide – Organic Wine

I love wine. I mean, I REALLY love wine. I fully believe that life is too short to drink bad wine and if anything calls for great vino, it's a wedding. Now great doesn't mean expensive – there are lots of great wines at great value. And, believe it or not, organic wines often fall into this category. Unlike everything else where 'organic' equals 'upcharge', organic wines are still a bit under the radar and offer good value.Champagne Carte d'Or

By definition of the National Organic Program, organic wine is "made from organically grown grapes without any added sulfites." Organic wines do not use chemical fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides and other synthetic chemicals in the growing process. The result is wine that is gentle on the environment and on your health, as all of these chemical residues would end up in the wine. Be aware that there are many wines that would qualify as organic, except that they have added some sulfites (which are added in very small quantities to help stabilize and preserve the wine). But due to the strict rules regarding certification, only wines with no added sulfites may be labeled 'organic'. 

But how do they taste? Organic wine from France is consistently ranked amongst the best of the best, with adjectives such as 'innovative' and 'interesting' being used to describe them. Why? Perhaps the organic vineyards' natural resistance allows them to flourish better in poor vintages. Also, organic wines are often handpicked, ensuring only the ripest, healthiest grapes are chosen.

Organic wines come in all different varietals and countries- you can even have organic Champagne, Prosecco or sparkling wine! Ask your local wine store about organic wines or check out The Organic Wine Company, who will ship wine right to your door.

Organic vitners Have fun tasting and introduce your guests to the treasures from organic vineyards. And of course, be sure your reception venue recycles all those bottles after the last drop has been savoured.

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