Live Long and Marry

File this one under 'Wedding Ideas Gone Wrong'. Or 'Really Bad Wedding Themes'. Or 'How Uber Star Trek Fans Marry'. Yes, it's a Klingon wedding folks, complete with wrinkly foreheads, pleather and fake Klingon names. Check out the lovely wedding party…


I'm really quite speechless. What can I say other than 'what were they thinking??"

But what I'm wondering is what the bridesmaid was thinking? Or did she not get the memo to 'dress Klingon'? And how did she get involved as she doesn't seem to be part of the whole Trekkies Gone Wild.
Klingon 2
She looks like she stumbled into the wrong wedding hall. "Oh, I thought this was Klingen wedding. Well, since I'm here and have the dress, sure, I'll hold your bouquet for you, Ms. Klingon Bride'. 

And I love the metal arch with Xmas lights with the homemade Klingon ship banner that served as the alter.I think it really classes up the joint.

Note to the groom – Gene Simmons called and wants his Kiss boots back.

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