MIM(E) – Cigar Rollers

Stamatos cigar

A big hit at weddings, I've noticed, are cigar rollers. They are a great addition to the festivities and crank up the 'wow' factor a few notches. Rolling cigars is truly an art and few folks actually get a chance to see how they are made. Bringing in cigar rollers for a couple of hours after dinner is a nice, interactive activity where your guests not only learn something but have the chance to enjoy a fine stogie after their meal. Consider having a fine scotch or brandy bar set up near the cigar rollers' station and be sure to have plenty of ashtrays on hand. If possible, have a few relaxing chairs and coffee tables set up to create a cigar lounge.

Stamatos cigar roller
If you opt to have a cigar station, be sure to set it up well away from the dining area – outside on a patio or terrace is optimal.

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