MIM(E)- Paper Straws

Make It Memorable (& Easy) Mondays are back! Today, we're looking at paper straws as a fun and colourful detail that's easy on the pocketbook and takes zero effort – a perfect Lazy Bride pick!

Yellow polkadot straw

Photo by Harper Point Photography, styling by Weddings Costa Rica

How to use? Choose your wedding color and then decide what design you like best – stripes, dots, stars or hearts? Use for your signature cocktails during cocktail hour or throughout the entire reception. They're an affordable way to bring an unexpected decor touch that will have guests doing a doubletake.

The Sugar Diva has been creating paper straws and other paper goodies for years, offering up a plethora of possibilities for your fete. Starting at $4.50 for 25 straws, eco-friendly and made in the USA? What's not to love?

Black and white paper straws

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