MIM(E) – Stones As Seating Cards

OK, so I'm on a bit of a seating card kick as of late but darn it, they are just so much fun! And affordable! And impactful (is that a word?). And…you get the idea.

Seating stones

Today, we'll look at using river stones as seating cards. Now, this will take a bit more work since they have to be handwritten and stones aren't the easiest medium (unless you use flat stones and then it's a whole lot easier). But if you can write, you can master this one. Use clean river stones (you can find these at a garden supply store or a craft store) and a nice felt marker. We've used both a regular Sharpie as well as those fancy metallic pens. BE SURE TO LET THEM DRY COMPLETELY before you move the stones or else they will smudge. I find it's easiest to put their names on one side and the table name/number on the other side.

For this wedding, which had a decidedly 'Zen' feel to the decor, mixed in with a nod to the groom's East Indian heritage, we placed the rocks on a bed of rice and black beans, with a contemplative Buddha watching over them. How you display the stones is limited only by your imagination so have fun and get creative!

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  1. For this wedding, a metallic felt pen was used for all the stones. I’ve used Sharpies for other weddings, though. The Sharpies dry pretty quickly but the metallic looks so fab. Just give enough dry time.

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