Perfectly Imperfect – A True Story

I saw this post over at Elizabeth Anne Designs written by a bride. It's an interesting story as she recounts what stuck in her mind most about her wedding. It wasn't the carefully picked linens or how great the 10-piece band sounded. No, it was the little 'imperfect' things that are the forefront of her mind, like her phone dying, the rabbi mispronouncing her husband's name and the hotel mistakenly giving her room the 'honeymoon treatment' the night BEFORE the wedding. And these things make her smile. A lot. She still loved her wedding but rather than fret that everything wasn't 100% "perfect", she sees the humor in it. To quote:

We were indeed quite fortunate to have no problems at our wedding, and I truly have the wonderful staff of the Loews Philadelphia to thank for coordinating everything so wonderfully, but these little ‘unplanned’ adventures truly made our wedding unique. While planning, we so often get wrapped up in trying to plan the perfect wedding, but these imperfect moments are what make a wedding truly wonderful.

Life is perfectly imperfect and beauty comes in the unexpected moments. As wedding planners, we try to make the wedding day as smooth and perfect as possible. However, Life Happens. Even the most carefully laid plans can be tripped up the goblins of Fate. The trick is to prepare for the best and then trust that the Universe will conspire beautifully for you because not one of us has control over how this big blue marble spins.

I've come to the conclusion that the more obsessed a bride is about the miniscule details, the more likely she'll encounter weird and wacky 'stuff' happening on the wedding day, from a breaker blowing to the musicians' car breaking down to a freak windstorm whipping up and creating havoc with the outdoor reception setting. The brides who are flexible and easygoing seem to have gold dust on their shoulders and wonderful, unexpected things seem to come their way, like a sunset so incredible it brings a tear to a glass eye. 

Although we don't have control over the weather or road conditions or any number of things, the one thing each of us can control is our attitude. My mother always said ' you get more flies with honey than you do with vinegar'. The bride with a constant scowl and blowing up over the slightest perceived wrong is someone no one wants to be around nor will anyone go 'above and beyond' for her. 

Meanwhile, the bride who is happy and excited for her big day, brimming over with joy and love – her sunny disposition is infectious and everyone wants to have a chance to bask in her glow and wants to make her day extra-special. 

So my question to you, dear bride, is are you a glass 'half full' or 'half empty' person? Is a flower being a shade lighter than you envisioned enough to send you into a tailspin? Or are you excited for your marriage to the most amazing man in your life? 

If our attitude is like a giant magnet, what are you attracting? 

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