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    1. It has a very interesting history and I find it fascinating that so little is known about it other than being an iconic song. Always good to research a bit any music you’re going to use for the ceremony as it’s history or words may be inappropriate

    2. The marriage in Lohengrin isn’t a failure in the regular sense. Lohengrin is the “Swan Knight” who comes to rescue Elsa from the charge that she has killed her brother. He and she agree to marry, on condition that she NOT ask where he comes from or who he is exactly…because his origin is secret and his power derives from his father Percival, the grail knight.
      When, sadly, Elsa breaks her vow and asks his origin…he explains that he must depart, but he brings back her supposedly “dead brother” who had been under an enchantment. It is more complex than a smarmy love song…but it is definitely “romantic” in the true sense of the word.

    3. Thanks for the indepth explanation (being I’m lazy, I gave the super Coles Note version). But still, pretty tragic wedding and those Romantics were all about the tragedy of love.

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