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Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have all your social media, website, Pinterest and other ideas in one spot? And have it color coordinated to match your wedding theme? Dream no more, as the Appy Couple is here!


So simple to use, all you do is choose your theme, colors and upload your info. Once you’re ready to share, send an invite out to your guests to download the app (for free!) and let the fun begin, with the following features:

• Share photos
• Shop the registry
• Get travel and hotel info
• Interactive event details
• Virtual champagne toasts
• Connect with other guests

For the couple, features include:

• Guest and RSVP management
• Real-time photo sharing
• Messaging
• Private circles
• Auto-invite guests
• Coordinating free website and emails
• In-app dashboard


What else does the Appy Couple offer?

* Color Palette – share your wedding colors

* Pinterest – Link to your Pinterest boards and share your decor inspiration

* Dress Code – let everyone know what’s the what for all your wedding events so Uncle Bob doesn’t show up to the rehearsal dinner in clamdiggers

* Child care – if you’re providing babysitters, your guests with munchkins will be thrilled at the news

* Weather Widget – keep everyone in the weather know for your big event

* iTunes – share your party anthem

* Poll – get interactive and poll your guests for feedback or opinions or even playlist suggestions!

* Wine Selection – even if you don’t know your Beaujolais from a Bordeaux, your guests will be impressed when you share your wedding wines with them

* Notes – need to share more info with everyone? Where to meet for photos or which door to enter the reception through? Jot it down and share via the Note widget

Appy couple - travel

Having a Destination Wedding? The Travel Widget will make your guests’ travel plans a snap, thanks to these features:

•          Hotel info: Give your guests details about group rates, as well as
a direct link to your hotel’s

•          Location gallery: Share photos of the location, get them excited
about the whole experience.

•          Things to do: Give guests ideas and info about local activities and
attractions,with links so they can
find out more.

•          Group Travel Info: Help guests coordinate transportation for
convenience and savings.

•          Flight details: Which airport is best? What airline do you
recommend? Add notes here.

•          Local Services: Hair salons, cleaners, taxis and more—everything to
help yourguests feel at home while
they’re away.

•          Playlist & Quick Polls: Get your guests in the mood with some
of the local music, or gather their
feedback on pre- and post-wedding plans.

•          Emergency services: Put everyone’s mind at ease by sharing
information about medical and other
services available locally.

What are you waiting for? Head on over to the Appy Couple and sign up now!. ‘Appy planning, Lazy Brides!









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