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Turn you iPad into your wedding planning binder with Daily Notes app. It features a variety of tabs you can customize with fonts and colors to create your own wedding planning kit without the bulk of a huge binder. Use your iPad camera to take photos and file under whichever tab you choose. The fun sketching and handwriting option allows you to take notes, doodle out idea and draw concepts for decor.

Daily notes - sketch

You can email notes and convert files into PDF to share. Upload photos from your iPhoto cache and place as part of a tab (ie Wedding Bouquet Ideas or Centerpiece Ideas). Simple!

Daily Notes - task page

Keep yourself organized with limitless to-do lists and calendars. The handy Tasks tab shows your to-do's and when they're due or overdue. Red dots show up for over-due tasks and blue dots indicate tasks due today. Talk about a task-master!

At only $4.99, it's a super useful app for wedding planning as well as everyday life, meetings, journaling, even taking notes as you read a book! Check it out here.

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