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Seating arrangements.

Two words that strike fear into even the pluckiest DIY bride and are an agonizing death to a Lazy Bride. It’s like a root canal without laughing gas or sitting through a Yoko Ono’s greatest hits concert. No matter how horrible it is, though, there is no excuse for a bride to say ‘we’ll just have open seating’. It’s all fun and games until Great Aunt Betty ends up sitting at the Frat Boys’ table.There is nothing but badness down this path, trust me.

Social Tables floor plan

Thanks to the good folks over at Social Tables, the seating plan nightmare has become a sweet dream. Create a floor plan, choose the table size and shape, import your guest list from an Xcel sheet and then proceed to drag and drop your guests into their seating locations. It’s that simple. You can add menu notes about who ordered the chicken or fish, invite other folks to collaborate with you and when you’re all done, print off a fancy, dancy detailed floor plan to give to your planner or F&B manager. It even saves your changes automatically. How lovely and lazy!

I’ve been using Social Tables with my wedding clients and the verdict has been a unanimous ‘two thumbs up’ as it’s so easy to use.

Pricing starts at $49 per event but there is a free option. Check out Social Tables to  keep your sanity and Great Aunt Betty from fainting at off-colour jokes during your wedding dinner.

Social Tables - guest list


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