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Today we start a series looking at planning apps that will help make your wedding planning a breeze. Thank the heavens for technology as it makes a Lazy Bride's life sooooo much easier!!

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First up is Super Planner, created by Howard Givner, an icon in the event industy with over 20 years experience running one of the world's largest event comanies. This is a man who knows his stuff and his Super Planner boils down his vast knowledge into a user-friendly app. Logistics are usually what throw couples into a tizzy when planning their weddings, since most folks have never had to think about things like: how many hors d'oerves do we need for cocktail hour? How big a dance floor should we have? What size room should we book? What size of linens are required for the diffrent styles of tables?

Super Planner covers a range of planning questions, from room capacity to food and beverage to audio visual considerations. Plunk in the dimensions of the room you're considering and voila! You'll see how many guests you can seat for dinner and dancing. Tap 'Catering', enter your attendee number and there you have how many drinks you'll need every hour.

Here's the link to a demo to see how easy it is to use.

Having used this app extensively since it first came out, I highly recommend it. While it isn't an all-in-one planner complete with to-do lists or guest lists, it addresses the logistics, which is the 'science' part of party planning. I've not found another tool out there that is this easy to use and effective.

At only $9.99, it's a great investment for your wedding planning and a great addition to your app arsenal as it's equally useful when hosting any size of party.

Apple users, click here  and Android users can purchase here.

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