Wedding Portrait Ideas

So, you’ve spent the equivalent of the GNP of Borneo on your dress, worked your *ss off getting buff and have religiously been having manicures/pedicures/facials/hair highlights so you look like a movie star. All for one day. A day where you likely will spill a few tears of joy (waterproof mascara- buy it now), be kissed a gazillion times by wellwishers and be rushing through the day to keep to the jam-packed timeline. Pity.

Why not consider a bridal portrait session a couple of weeks or days before the wedding? It’s a great way to test-drive your dress/hair/makeup before the big day and allows you to relax and take your time in front of the camera (without your mother-in-law dragging you off to meet your new Cousin Harold and his six kids). It’s also a great way to ease into the whole wedding day itself by ‘rehearsing’ being a bride (and the centre of attention) and to spend time working with your photographer so you get a ‘feel’ for each other.

And if you think ‘bridal portrait’ means ‘boring and cheesy’, think again my friends. Check out lovely Andrea who shot her wedding portrait two months before the wedding (see how relaxed she is). Photos courtesy of Dan Power Photography.



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